The Art in Earth

Day 31: My Word For 2016
Day 31: My Word For 2016

My word for 2016 is ART; the art of living well, the art of compassionate coexistence, the art of intuitive creation, the art of health and healing, of joy and humor as well as grief and letting go. One of our greatest gifts is to see the art in life, since after all, there would be no Earth without Art. Happy New Year of photographic and literary art to all who read here. May there be plenty of art in your future.

Thanks so much to Susannah Conway for her December Reflections  photo prompts again this year. During this hectic and stressful season, she has prompted the art of mindful reflection from life’s photographic window seats with contemplative comments that helped me process the world with hope and love for all.


4 thoughts on “The Art in Earth

  1. highlyreasonable

    I love your photo and all your iterations and forms of art, several which I’ve never considered. Thank you for sharing your art here, and I’m wishing you a year full of fine and wonderful art, Tamara!

  2. I read over your words several times, thinking about what it might mean to be intuitively creative, to heal and to let go artfully. And I stared at the photo and wondered if it represented what you felt as a creative rightness. This isn’t just a random explosion of light and color; it has a center, and I find that eloquent.

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