Cutting the Cord

IMG_6041In our latest downsizing venture, we’ve decided to take on the corporate dictators controlling what we see on the talking boxes, and cancel our cable subscription. After much help from our “cord-never” daughter (defined as someone who has never fallen for the cable TV trap) and vigorous research on the wireless internet we still need to keep, we’ve opted for one of those slim digital antennas and a Roku streaming device to fulfill our minimal entertainment needs. My family’s devotion to the sports gods has kept us from going cold turkey for years, but now there are alternatives to the big game gatekeepers.

So this week, I’m saying goodbye to the indentured servitude of bundling and contract confinement, the 300 channels we never needed, the painful phone negotiations every year when rates soared back to “normal,” the eternal rebooting when the power “blinks,” and last but not least, that nest of snakes full of cat hair behind the TV stand.

The few shows I’m giving up are well worth the clean sweep, clear surfaces and a single outlet.

5 thoughts on “Cutting the Cord

  1. Congratulations, you’ll be ok, I promise, we never had cable. since we didn’t watch TV (it’s analog with a free cable box just in case) it was pretty easy, the hard part? To convince the sales people we don;t have a TV. Shock and complete certainty we are lying, it is how we play all those VHS tapes. that’s all. I assume it would worK, IF we could figure out which of the three clickers did what.

    1. This made me smile, Karuni. The Cable Barons would have us convinced that everyone in the world has cable tv but us. And yes, they are constantly suspicious that we are stealing their cable signal. Ha! Why bother?

  2. I agree that the hard part is convincing the cable people that one really can live without tv; they are incredulous. And I always use lower-case for “tv” because I refuse to elevate it.

    Those wires are such an excellent emblem of cable tentacles. I send congratulations.

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