As Above

While I really enjoy the month-long photo prompts that are prolifically offered on Instagram throughout the year, sometimes you just have to go maverick and wander off on your own. All the storms and fast-moving weather fronts during the past two months in my neck of the woods have led to plenty of drama in the skies, so I’ve found my camera tilting upward daily (when I’m not cowering in a first-floor hallway while the tornado sirens wail nearby).

After the first two days of sky photos in September, I said what the heck, why not a month of skies, unfiltered, shown just as they are, or as much as my limited but convenient iPhone camera can capture. I wasn’t sure whether thirty days of sky shots was sustainable, but I found ways to incorporate them as reflections on water (or car hood), and as metaphors for a mood to match the front-page antics of the country I live in.

Indeed, with all the drama manifested this month in both sky and earth, I can’t help but think that the ancient adage “As above, so below” is still a very relevant one.

2 thoughts on “As Above

  1. What an incredible image of “in between.” I know in looking at it that it will all change in a second — I know those roiling skies — and yet there it is, still, in your photo. Very beautiful. Indeed, there’s a lot to be said for looking up.

    1. As difficult as it is to wake up and go for a walk now that sunrise is later, these dawn shots are worth it. Plus, there’s the exercise. So yes, very worthwhile getting out and looking up.

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