Holding the Light

This dark ending of the year is full of paradox. The mind naturally summons up a highlight reel of the last 365 days, and I don’t know about you, but the angry, humiliating, sad and frustrating episodes always run on a constant loop in my head. The lovely, serene and successful moments are apparently kept prisoner in aging 2018’s memory closet, waiting for rescue and release into the light of hope and future plans. A fresh start is always appealing, but why is the human spirit so drawn back into cinematic replays of the past year’s smoking wreckage in flops and failures?

I choose a new word every year. Whether self-fulfilling prophesy or wishful thinking, the theme is usually noticeable throughout the months. 2018’s word was “magic” and I think that was pretty accurate on the whole. What came out of a garden beset with heavy clay soil, limitless weeds, ravenous insects and extreme weather conditions certainly seemed like magic. I learned that despite all obstacles, life loves to grow given any kind of encouragement.

Perhaps that same support needs to be applied to myself and other fellow humans in 2019 including the nation and the world, even if and when we don’t deserve it. Choosing to focus on the light while acknowledging the shadow is not without merit in these chaotic times. I would love to switch my brain’s channel to the happy highlights reel or at least last year’s funniest home memories. Since when does watching those bad reruns over and over until you can act them out in your sleep ever teach you anything?

So my word for 2019 is “light,” the kind you can hold. How do you hold onto light you ask? You can when you hold a purring kitten or a thriving seedling. You embrace it with your eyes on a frosty morning at the edge of a fallen leaf lying in the frozen shadows. You cradle it in the truth of words that ring true to you and light a fire within your soul. It is there when you look for it.

It is my wish that at the end of 2019, we are all seated in the deep womb of the year’s theater, sharing popcorn and watching a victorious highlight reel of shining moments in what will be seen as historically dark times by future light beings.

May the light be with you, always.

9 thoughts on “Holding the Light

  1. karuni604

    That is absolutely your most inspiring post ever, in my humble opinion. Happy New Year. I want to steal it and pretend i could write like that.truly inspiring

  2. “The Happy Highlights Reel,” eh? Would that there were such a thing. Your post is sadly accurate in its description of the year, but beautifully expressed. I look forward to your perceptions of light; if that photo above is any indication, they will be lovely. Happy new year to you and all!

    1. Happy New Year, Maureen! Just becoming more aware of what runs through my mind all the time will help me. I’ve already been tested in the first dark days of January, but then the last couple of sunny days have certainly broken through the gloom.

  3. karuni604

    This is absolutely beautiful, thoroughly inspiring and brought a lump to my throat as well. I wanted to post it to my facebook wall, where it will be more convenient to see and to share with the world. Or when the wrong reel of memories starts playing in my head, I couldn;t quite figure out how to do that. But you have a master piece here that I didn;t want to forget,

    1. I’m honored that this piece has inspired you, Karuni. It certainly comes from the heart and I never quite know where my posts will lead me. I just try to stay out of the way and let the words come. I’ll post this to my Facebook page for easy reference and sharing. Blessings.

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