Starting Over

The photo above depicts our new beginning and a fresh portal. We start again in a new city, a different community, another context. Here we pause at the threshold of the next decade as I step into my sixties. I have shed plenty to get here, some by choice, so much by force.

Perhaps there was no other way. Maybe the reward is sweeter because the path was perilous. Regardless, second guessing only leads me down into dark depths and serves no purpose in the tricky twilight of hindsight.

Life has led me here, in this moment. This is all I know. For now.

Happy holidays my friends. The times, they are a-changing.

5 thoughts on “Starting Over

  1. Shirah Eliashiv

    There must be an entire book behind these few comments. I hope this next decade brings you calm and certitude.

    1. Thanks so much for getting in touch, Shirah! My fifties have been quite the transforming decade. I hope that all that hard work pays off with a little peace and quiet in my sixties, although maybe that’s not possible in these challenging times.

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