November Skies

Maybe the sun has been shining more, or maybe my outlook has been lighter, but I’ve noticed a number of beautiful sunsets this month. We live farther down a rather long hill, so the best views are always near the top of the street. This is also the best vantage point to watch thousands of crows stream in at dusk to circle the county courthouse a few blocks away in a local remake of Hitchcock’s famous movie.

I’m not sure why they congregate in this spot every year. Perhaps the glow from festive lights strung from surrounding streets to the building’s dome attract them. Maybe this ground is their ancient gathering place where thoughtless settlers happened to build a courthouse long ago. Whatever the reason, you know it’s the holidays when the crows arrive. Before we moved here, our own family holiday tradition brought us to this quirky city with its unique art galleries, funky boutiques and ethnic restaurants between Christmas and New Years.

If we stayed in the town square until dark, we would see clouds of crows swirl around the courthouse and settle in the trees. They are big and loud, and . . . make unwelcome contributions to the lawn and sidewalks. For years, the city’s maintenance department has tried various ways to deter the birds with fake owls and sound recordings, only to be outwitted by the crafty creatures.

Humans are once again reminded that nature usually has the final say, one way or another. Crows are smart–I can only hope the group of them isn’t contemplating murder.

4 thoughts on “November Skies

  1. I confess I laughed at the “remake” of Hitchcock’s movie. I did not know there was a courthouse where the crows met up, but I like your theory of an ancient gathering place embedded in their bones. Your sky capture is a beauty.

    1. Thanks, Maureen. I think Poe would have felt right at home here since the crows aren’t too far removed from ravens. At least they fly at a comfortable distance in the sky when they pass by our house.

  2. karuni604

    Wonderful post, and i don;t know why they do but there was a church very near my friends neighborhood where the crows did the same thing, even thought other buildings looked exactly the same, NO it was that church they chose. a Mystery, and fabulous, good to hear from you,Karuni

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