How Sweet It Is

Day Thirty-one:  Last call for the daily photo and August Break Challenge. Lack of words aside, I sweated out a pictorial account of each day this month. And all of them were taken outside, as it should be for this time of year. Thanks to everyone who hung in there with me. I really appreciate the company.

Now time for a Labor Day nap.

The Antlion Sleeps Tonight

Day Twenty-seven:  Every year, transient pits appear under our house’s overhang where the ground is never touched by rain. The mighty larvae lie in wait at the bottom of conical pits for hapless insect travelers who venture too close to the brink of loose despair. By next day they have packed and moved on like carny shows, having sucked their victims dry.

Joining Susannah Conway’s August Break 2013. Come, step outside with me and breathe deeply.